(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
Substances used to produce goods
1. materials, raw materials, substances, stuff; stock, staples; fuel; grist; stores, goods, provisions (see store); means; baggage, personal property.
a. wood, lumber, timber, clapboard, decking, excelsior, fencing, flooring, green lumber, hardwood, heartwood, paneling, parquet, plywood, rattan, sapwood, thatch, veneer, weatherboard, wicker; pine, fir, cedar, cypress, spruce, hemlock, juniper, larch, yew; alder, ash, beech, elm, apple, balsa, bamboo, banyan, basswood, birch, cherry, walnut, calamander, cherry, chestnut, dogwood, ebony, elm, eucalyptus, hum, hazel, hickory, ironwood, linden, magnolia, mahogany, maple, oak, pecan, plane, poplar, rosewood, sandalwood, sen, sumac, sycamore, teak, willow, zebrawood.
b. clay, brick, bricks and mortar, plaster, tile, adobe, aggregate, asphalt, bitumen, blacktop, brickface, brownstone, capstone, cinderblock, cobblestone, copestone, cork tile, ferroconcrete, firebrick, flag[stone], freestone, shingle, siding, crockery, ceramics, composition; putty; concrete, cement(see coherence).
c. paper, pasteboard, cardboard, crepe paper, grass paper, kraft paper, millboard, paperboard, papier-mâché, rice paper, strawboard, tagboard, tarpaper, wallpaper.
d. artificial turf.
e. metal, stone, ore, iron, copper, etc. (see inorganic matter).
3. plastic[s]; synthetic resin; celluloid, cellophane, vinyl, Vinylite, [poly]styrene, Bakelite; hard rubber, Neolite; synthetic rubber, butyl, butadiene; synthetic fiber, acetate, Acrilan, Banlon, Dacron, Fortrel, GoreTex, Lastex, Orlon, Sarelon, Thinsulate, Teflon; acrylic, polyester, nylon, rayon, mousseline, spandex; fiber, viscose, Celanese; leatherette; durable or permanent press, wash-and-wear; fiberfill.
a. goods, fabric, cloth, material, knit, plush, textiles.
b. wool, alpaca, Angora, astrakhan, baize, combing wool, drugget, cashmere, worsted, loden, saxony, mackinaw, cassimere, stuff, frieze, paisley, serge, shahtoosh, stammel, shalloon, melton, merino, petersham, vicuna, vigogne, prunella, qiviut, rag, cheviot, gabardine, castor swansdown, tartan, Shetland wool, Donegal or Harris tweed, Kendal green, kersey, wadmal, duffel, beaver.
c. cotton, chino, chintz, balbriggan, poplin, sateen, lisle, galatea, jaconet, motley, terry, lawn, duck, tarlatan, cheesecloth, monk's cloth, oxford, stockinette, gingham, percale, Pima, nainsook, nankeen, organdy, calico, denim, jean, dungaree, jersey, drill[ing], dimity, khaddar, khaki, marseilles, candlewick, mackintosh.
d. silk, brocade, messaline, samite, sarcenet, pongee, taffeta, tabby, organzine, shantung, barathea, barege, tussah, charmeuse; satin, duchesse.
e. linen, byssus, cambric, muslin, mull, batiste; crepe, Canton crepe, crepe de Chine, crepon.
f. burlap, hessian, gunny, pedaline, canvas, sailcloth; haircloth; mohair, horsehair, camel's hair, sackcloth.
g. batik, broadcloth, challis, cloque, chambray, cretonne, crinoline, moquette, scrim, seersucker, ratine, ratteen, shirting, tattersall, shoddy, sicilienne, rep, russet, moreen, zibeline, surah, satin, mousseline de laine or soie, damask, tapa, bengaline, chenille, mat, panne, paramatta, poultdesoie, ticking, velour, velvet[een], Venetian cloth, duvetyn, ecru, madras, moiré, watered fabric, whipcord, malines, marocain, pique, plaid, pointelle, organza, marquisette, etamine, luster, lamé, voile, gauze, tiffany, veiling, tissue, tulle, toile, toweling, tricot, leno, Georgette, faconne, linsey-woolsey, gossamer, harrateen, jacquard, jardiniere, grenadine, grogram, homespun, hopsack, huck[aback], ikat, grosgrain, faille, ninon, felt, flannel, flannelette, fleece, foulard, brocatelle, fustian, chiffon, chiné, cavalry twill, tricotine, corduroy, cord, covert, crash, buckram, bunting, bombazine, bouclé, brilliantine, bayadere.
h. lace, tatting, bobbin or pillow lace, torchon, bobbinet, duchesse, gros point, guipure, illusion, mignonette, [needle]point [lace], raised point, reticella, rose point, tambour; Alençon, Breton, Brussels lace, Carrickmacross, Dieppe lace, Mechlin, Milan point, Tenerife, Valenciennes, Venetian point.
i. cerecloth, oilcloth; camlet.
5. leather, skin, fur, pelt; alligator, badger, bearskin, beaver, black marten, karakul lamb, broadtail, lambskin, sheepskin, shearling, nappa, mocha, krimmer, buckskin, deerskin, buff, cowhide, cabretta, calfskin, capeskin, chamois, chevrette, chinchilla, rabbit, cony, raccoon, cookskin, doeskin, ermine, [silver, red, or white] fox, [wild, frosted, or ranch] mink, sable, horsehide, kid[skin], leopard, maribou, marmot, marten, miniver, moleskin, morocco, muskrat, coypu, nutria, otter, pigskin, pig suede, puma, cougar, rawhide, sealskin, sharkskin, shagreen, skunk, suede, swakara, squirrel, vair; patent leather; Cordovan, Levant.
6. urea, casein, lignite, lignin, wood flour; resin, rosin, gum, lac; bitumen, pitch, tar, asphalt, gilsonite.
Adjectives — plastic, synthetic; cloth, textile, wooden, woody, paper[y]; steel, etc.

English dictionary for students. 2013.

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